health health [helθ] noun [uncountable]
1. the business of providing medical services to keep people healthy; = HEALTHCARE:

• Increased resources had been made available for health, housing, and education.

• Rentokil specialises in industrial products in the field of public health.

• Health inspectors came to check the factory's canteen.

enˌvironmental ˈhealth
the activity of protecting people from things where they work, live etc that could damage their health:

• Your environmental health officer will check the temperature of your refrigeration equipment.

2. used to talk about how successful an organization, system, or economy is:

• This is a serious threat to the health of Japan's banking system.

• The balance sheet provides a lot of information on the financial health of the company.

3. a clean bill of health if a system or an organization gets a clean bill of health, it is said to be in a good financial position after a detailed examination of it has been made:

• A meeting of EU finance ministers gave the European exchange-rate mechanism a clean bill of health.

4. give something a clean bill of health to make an official statement that a product is not harmful or dangerous:

• Lawyers said the company had something to hide about the drug's development, but the FDA gave Prozac a clean bill of health.

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health UK US /helθ/ noun [U]
the activity or business of providing medical services: »

They welcomed the government's commitment to extra spending on health and education.


Treatment of heart disease and cancer will be a top priority according to a report released by the Department of Health.


The governor's plan is by far the most sweeping health reform proposal that any state has attempted recently.


health department/official

the condition of someone's body or mind, or the state of being well: »

Increases in the volume of work are damaging the health of some of our top executives.


A clean water supply is crucial to public health.


health problems/risks/threats

the condition of a company, organization, or economy and the degree to which it is successful or makes a profit: »

In the UK, every retailer's health is measured by its Christmas sales.


Layoffs are sometimes necessary for the long-term health of an economy.


the financial health of the company

give sth a clean bill of health — Cf. give sth a clean bill of health

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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